I embarrassed myself at e-church

Freaked out because some of the gals had liked some things hubby said on groupme.

ugh. I let my fear motivate me, asked him not to go on groupme because I don’t want him sharing that openly with other women . He was very sweet and ammenable, and said of course, but one of the other gals called me on it.

EVERY one needs to be welcome. EVERY ONE.

I must retrench.

I feel like when you have to go up to get your one week chip again at CR*, after you’ve been on the wagon with your addiction du jour for five years.

you know?

but I get myself by the back of the neck and get up there.

It’s for other people.

So they can take courage when It’s their turn.

It’s for me.

So I know I’m not all that and a carton of fries🍟.

Be honest

Pick our selves back up

and go on.

Relapse is part of recovery.
God resists the proud but gives grace to the humble.

*CR = CELEBRATE RECOVERY a 12 step group based out of Saddleback Church. It’s like AA but for everyone, not just substance users.

Relapse is part of recovery.

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