Prisons in life

I was thinking about the apostle Paul.

Did you know he did LOTS of time?  In fact, a lot of the New Testament was written from jail.

What are the things that are so yucky about incarceration? *

  • Heat and cold (physical discomfort)
  • Yucky room mates and overcrowding (again physical comfort)
  • Judgement from without and cynicism from within are very real obstacles.
  • Gross food (once again lack of physical comforts of personal freedoms)
  • Getting bossed by unpleasant folks (lack of personal power)
  • Boredom (again lack of personal power)
  • Loneliness

Not to be a downer, but just keeping it real: chronic terminal illness shares every single one of those things.


I find that as my body suffers

  • Sin loses its power
  • The gift of perspective is within my reach.  Bullsh–t no longer can attract me when I am suffering.  I can see 👀 clearly.  It’s GOT to be real.
  • my attitude becomes more and more my own choice. attitude
  • my spirit flourishes
  • My heart is pain-softened and humbled and kind.

I’ll take it.


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