I have recently become  concerned about the lack of good male fictional heroes in the media.  I think our culture is suffering under the influence of a women’s movement that has gone the way of labor unions (TOO FAR). 

I’m concerned because I love my sons and their friends. 

And they need good men to look up to and read about and think on.  Not superheroes, although those are fun.   Real, humble, flawed, courageous, honest, kind, good men.

After all, I have Jane Eyre and Elizabeth Bennet and Jo March and Thursday Next.

 So I’m on the lookout for media of a certain type.

Having said this, I just finished a book📚 that I believe will help to add balance to this cultural picture.

(Drum roll, please.)

The Beast’s Heart: a Retelling of Beauty and the Beast, by Leife Shallcross

Moral, passionate, courageous, humble, vulnerable, strong, disciplined guy


Compassionate, intuitive, courageous, feminine, creative, caring moral girl.

I just wanted to be this guy’s mother-in-law!  Totally adorable.  I was so proud of the heroine!  You go girl!

Sigh.  I love 💚 well-crafted stories.  That was a great read.  You know what I mean?

Well done.

What about my guys?

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