So.  I just had three sucker punches from life.  Well two of ’em were just stomach blows.  We saw 👀 them coming.

The other one was just a mean sucker punch.  Bad juju.
You know Houdini died from a sucker punch?  Just sayin.

But that’s not gonna happen here.  I’ve got three answering pieces of hard body armor with rifle plate protection.

  • I’m going to pray and make a plan.
  • I’m going to focus down.
  • I’m going to make a deal with myself.

Plan to deal with contractor thing. ✔

Plan to deal with the utility bill thing. ✔

Plan to deal with the car 🚗 accident bad juju ✔

Focus down

  • Tiny 🌟 starfish. Like the size of a dime.  I love those.
  • .Cary Grant’s scene with the ladies bath robe.        EXTREME funny
  • Crunchy things including autumn leaves, celery and almonds from Trader Joe’s ™ ®
  • S’mores okay, who thought of that?  GENIUS.
  • Video recipes
  • Fuzzy blankets
  •  House dresses

Make a deal

Self after you do this hard thing ☎ I will take you to the kitchen to cook something 😋         Poor man’s pudding…appropriately named

Three bad 👎 deals

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