have a good fight

An older married lady gave me some good advice years ago.

If you’re gonna fight, make sure you’re fighting FOR your marriage.

WHEN I need to vent, it is wise for me to direct that anger to vigorous activity or journaling or fussing to God (see Psalms).

 Not to my man.  If I choose to fight, I want to make sure the thing I am fighting about is a threat to the relationship.

This is a good reminder to me.

Thank you.  I’ll just encourage myself this morning.  It is tempting to vent to others about something that I think is awful, but I will choose not to turn my anger into an excuse for personal revenge.

I do well to be angry 😠 at times, but I choose to channel that anger and make it mind me.  I will journal to God, use physical activity (dishes!) And be willing to pick a fight when something threatens my marriage.  I resist the desire to find a sympathetic listener…God is my fave listener.


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