I want to focus down to small 🎁 gifts.

What do I love?  I’m aware that the world is often dark and full of sadness.  I choose to listen for the echoes of a far off, original fair sunlit creation regularly.

I am grateful that God is wise and great-hearted and kind and funny and twinkly(look at the platypus)

Because what would anyone do about it if He were a jerk??  Grateful.

I love how twitterpated my dogs get whenever they pass a girl dog in the spring.

I love 💚 old Walt Disney cartoons. (Pre-returntowitchmountain)

I love pickles.  And how they get all funny and warty looking after being soaked in the brine. Little ones that keep their crunch.

I love those sixties girl groups and early Beatles.

I love the feeling that you get at the end of a fairy tale.  A sort of longing.  I call it our longing for our Home.  May we nourish and feed it.

I love whiskers on a kind grandpa or dog or horse’s face.  I love getting close enough to be prickled by them.

I love pumpkins, apples or nuts

I love sunlight shining through a crack in something

I love smile wrinkles and stretch marks…badges of honor and bravery and love.

I love pantyhose.  With control tops.  Yeah.

I love polka dots

Blah day

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