Charging cords, check books and church

I want to ROCK the 🌎  but i have zip power.   At least that’s how I felt this morning when I woke up from a helpful dream (which I wanted to write about) but found ALL THREE of my devices deader than a doornail. So INCREDIBLY FRUSTRATing! One of those devices is the only one on which I have downloaded the app for Groupme so I can check in with my e-church and ask them to pray for me as I write.  Frustrating. I don’t even have a real bible anymore, so I could not even open my youBible and ask if to read to me. Frustrating. We got our long-awaited tax return yesterday and behold! It was garnished by a bill we forgot to pay.  Our fault.  But it still bites. AND we do not even have the comfort of feeling nobley hard-done-by because it is our own darn fault. low background buzz of frustration. So what do you do at a time like that? Well I take a slice of my own advice.   Focus down.   Instead of breaking BEND. Drum roll, please 1. I love that God invented Norah Jones. 2.  I love my electric tea ☕pot right by my bed so I can have a cuppa whenever I want without bugging anyone to get me one. (Thank you heidigirl.) 3. I love sleeping dogs.  You know how they curl up in a C shape and tuck their tail in? Adorable. 4.  French bread pizza. Any kind.  Except anchovy. 5.  The ocean.  In all its varying, mysterious moods 6.  Listening to my kids joking and teasing and talking in fake Russian accents, while they game with their friend who spent the night, in the living room. 7. Need to breathe.  All their albums.  My current fave 8.  Frogs.  They’re funny and fascinating in an extremely other kind of way.  You know?

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