I am sooo bummed you guys.  I have not been being careful what I have been thinking about.


Lord help me do this. 

I am thankful.  I love my life.  I appreciate all the small gifts God tucks in my lunch bucket.

I am Not entitled to an easy life just because I live in the western world 🌎

I don’t even want an easy life!  Where’s the fun in that?

I want to DO the thing with Jesus. 💚

  1. Holy praying Gramma ladies.  Where would the world be without them? 
  2. Madam Curie.  I want to have ☕ with her in heaven
  3. Heating pads.  Genius.
  4. our beautiful, noble, kind, serious collie.
  5. Hind sight.  Always 20\20.  May I learn from it and not stay there.
  6. Soup and bread.  Cheap. hot. nourishing. endlessly Versatile.
  7. Mascara.  Glad to be a red head, but this means mascara.
  8. Fighting and then making up. 💚
  9. Umbrellas.  Friendly and cheerful. 
  10. Smoothie with peaches, berries, frozen banana and kale.  With whip of course. 💚

Screeching halt!

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