Worth repeating

From Christmas ​holidays….parentguilt  I was thinking.  I cannot be the only parent who struggles with this stuff during holidays.  Let’s sit down together and speak gentle words of comfort to one another…words of rest and peace and sanity. 💚 (Especially in the recovery community, parent guilt is an old and bitter acquaintance.( Half the reasonContinue reading “Worth repeating”

Things that make ya go hmmm…

I am a recovering everything addict. You know? God’s approach with me was(is?) about six or seven pronged.  (The latest prong is definitely being violently ill for an unspecified length of time.) ​I want to write about a little chunk of that. The heart in The Spiritual Sense is a very complex thing, don’t youContinue reading “Things that make ya go hmmm…”


God-reality…..God-initiative….God-provision.  💚Ever notice how much of the strength and joy and purpose and comfort in life springs out of this awareness of another reality superimposed on what we get with the five senses?  An invisible otherness or something.   God make me SEE. Give me 👀 wise eyeballs that SEE TRUTH, and a quiet mindContinue reading “Superimposed”