I am learning to be grateful.

It’s a valuable part of recovery

 don’t you think?

💚corn flakes with freshly poured soy milk.  Simply satifying.

💚trying a new recipe.  I just made bagels.  They were amazing.  Just simple cheap and hot and fragrant.  With dijon mustard. Alton Brown. YouTube video recipe.

💚petting my dog.  Magic.  My husband says they soak up your stress and then go eliminate it in the yard.  Instructive thought. #wannabethat

💚asking for help with something little. And getting it (about 75% success rate which is ok) Connections. Makes me smile.

💚 pigs with curly short tails.  Grin.

💚the feeling of waking up and realizing it’s Sunday.   Pancakes and coffee with people I love. Reading the funnies and doing the crossword.

💚smile wrinkles

💚red petunias that overgrow their container

💚pumpkin everything


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