Car πŸš— dates with daughter…current fave long drive with coffees and chat. πŸ’š

Late night walk with my dog to the mail box

Tiny starfish.   picture 

Garage sale finds

Cute door mats

Apples in anything

Clean floors

Smells of pinesol, oranges or home baking 

Seeing a long-awaited change happen 

Ballads true colors

Friendly πŸ• dog ears

Breaking ice on frozen puddles while I wait for the school bus with my brother πŸ’š

Just after a bath.  Clean robe. Fuzzy slippers.  Good book.  

Cups of fragrant steaming chamomile β˜•

Bath bombs

Play dough or bread dough (which is play doh you can eat)

tuna sand with sweet pickles and Sun chips

Chat with an old friend

Easy chair.  Long day.  Cup of cocoa.

Mountain brooks

Beach combing

Cute historical down town shopping with lunch after

Calico mini prints


Apple pie.  


Thank you dear πŸ’œ God.

  I love You back.

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