Thought on I Peter 5

 God in his mighty power will protect you

 until you receive this salvation 

because you are trusting him.”

(Quote from JI Packer Knowing God )

​I love the idea of God’s 💪 strong power HOLDING US UNTIL WE RECEIVE his salvation because we trust Him.

What does that make me think of?

Something in my garden. 💚

My honeysuckle is not a strong plant, though fragrant and beautiful.

So I planted it by my front stairs and porch.

The strength of the porch rails, as the vine grows up and I train them to it (instructive thought) protect and give stability to the vines until they get strong and thicken and darken, 

making in their turn the resources for new green fragile shoots to come be nurtured and strengthened….ad infinitum.

Our God.  We thank you.

Bind us to You and shelter us as we grow.

Then when we are thick and darkened and toughened by experience and love and pain,

let us make a way for young things to flourish and grow.

And let them in their turn nurture and protect their own little shoots. 💚

Ps thank you Auntie Jan. 💚

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