Reboot parent guilt 

​I want to talk to the mom who ruined her own marriage and/or health and\or finances because of dumb choices.  The dad who spent his kids childhood hiding at work or in a bottle or a joint… instead of dealing and showing up. The mom who disassociated or was ill and missed half her kids concerts plays and games.  The rageaholic parent who is now  haunted by selfloathing and regret.




A new start.

Strength to persevere.

This to us in 2019. 💚

Reboot 💚 parenting regrets.

I was just talking to my man about parenting: both ends of it.  
Are you diggin’ me?

We were reflecting that we wish we had taken more time with our mom and dads when they were alive instead of fussing and being bitter at them.

I know.  It is what it is.  I aspire by the sweet, good work of Jesus to accept life as it is…not as I wish it was.

And the same token…

We do strongly desire, by the power of God and rightness and goodness, to NOT EVER GIVE UP ON OUR KIDS.

They are young and busy with starting their families and careers.  We resolved to chase them down regularly and put our hearts into DOING THEM GOOD all the days that we can. 💚

There’s no need to be demanding if plans fall through.

No sense of entitlement at holidays or over grandkids.

We just want to do them good all the days that God gives us.

That is our ammends. 💚


parenting remorse.


Okay. I was thinking.  I cannot be the only person who struggles with this stuff. 

 Let’s sit down together and speak gentle words of comfort to one another…words of rest and peace and sanity. 💚

Especially in the recovery community, parent guilt is an old and bitter acquaintance.

( Half the reason we relapse?  Just sayin’.)

Ahem. What hurts most is probably the things we did or didn’t do that were our own darn fault.



💚ask forgiveness and make amends if it will not hurt an innocent third party. Of course.  But if you are reading this article then you probably already want to make things right. The question may be…then what?

💚” trust the process. **” It is my job is to deal with my stuff and say sorry and let my Higher Power change me to be better.  It is their job to forgive or move on with their lives.  That is none of my business, not that I don’t love them.  This takes time.  Relax.

💚make amends and then shut up about it. Amends as important to give as they are to receive.  Absolutely.  But saying I’m sorry can become a way of asking my kids to absolve me or take care of stuff for me that belongs with my sponser, support team or Higher Power. 

💚 Obsessing over what I did/neglected to do is  playing a destructive, counterproductive, self-absorbed game.  It is thinking about bad, instead of focusing on the good. It’s a trap. I am not going to change the past by obsessing over it.  It is what it is; the question is: where am I going from here?
💚 avoid overidentification. my imagination is a double edged sword. Undoubtedly  it hurt when I disassociated and left them at the store. Or forgot their event or dad spent the Christmas money on medicating his addiction or we criticized or fought loudly and ruined the birthday dinner….of course. I can barely write that.  Hug.

Didn’t it hurt when the same things happened to me as a kid? Hug. Hug.

 And then I forgave and found healing and peace.  And it’s over now.  it can’t hurt me after the grief process is complete.hug. Hug. Hug.

 I just was in control in the case of my own stuff and so it felt better. 

💚Control and perception are everything; remember the difference between a passenger on a sinking ship and a rider on a bolting horse –either one may get hurt but the horseman is an agent as well as a reciprocant.*** 
💚LEARN about trust.  Learn the “unforced rhythms of grace*”.   God is there for my kids too.  He has no grandchildren.  He is just as available and aware of their childhood pain as He is aware of mine. I don’t have to fix their hearts. That’s God’s job.  I just have to take responsibility and deal with my part. I can ease up and trust.

💚Thou shalt give thyself permission to have fun on the way
.  I’m not endorsing irresponsibility or callous disregard, of course…But it’s ok to pause regularly enjoy your life while your in process.  Resource management.

*The Message Matthew 11:28
**Byron Kehlor.  A much listened-to college professor of mine.
***cs Lewis Out of the Silent Planet
****Joyce Meyer

💚💚💚🌼🌼🌼💚💚💚be well dears. 💚💚💚🌼🌼🌼💚💚💚