Beside the point 💚

My current favorite feel good movie–

I asked to watch it on Mother’s Day  (when my family would do anything I asked within sane limits).

Right up there with Sisteract and Enchanted April and Galaxy Quest.

drum roll…..

Joyful Noise
with Queen Latifah and Dolly Parton.

joyful noise preview

I love this movie because it is about so many of us who were raised in church and struggle with an inability to live up to the idealisticanddeservedlysogoodgirlmorality from growing up in church.

I love this because it gives a glimpse to me of a world where they don’t talk of idealism or even morality because it is beside the point.  They are too busy looking at God and breathing in His goodness and wholeness and peace to worry about such things; resultanty they are often  breathing out the same stuff to worry about it. *



Thank you Jesus for a world where such things exist. 💚

Ps   Queen Latifah and Dolly Parton… I’m proud to be your sister.  Grin.

Pps  I DEFinitely want to do coffee in heaven.

*from Mere Christianity by CS Lewis


 Red poppies or pansies….

They’re so cheerfully elegant, don’t you think?

Thank you God.  We would never have noticed if you hadn’t made flowers.  Who would have told us?

But you are a Person of impeccable taste and you have the soul of an artist.

I am captivated and charmed. 💙🌼💜🌼💚🌼💙

Reboot my 💚

Snuggle time with my dog

How babies smell like milk.

New dresses

Pancakes with butter syrup and peppermint bark coffee from red brick

Drive to see Christmas lights…coffee in hand.

Turning off the lights and gazing at our Christmas tree

Guinea pigs.  My daughter’s are named Elsa and Anya.  So cute and funny! I love their black button eyes. 💙

Thanksgiving leftovers
Making a good long overdue change