Reboot my heart

Thank You

I trust You.

You know about it.

You get me.

Lizards with cute buggy eyes

Giving my peke/terrier a bath.  Wrapping him in a towel and holding him.  How fluffy he is after he’s dried off.  The smell of clean animal fur.  He licks my face and we snuggle under the afghan  for a bit.

Crimson goldenrod and azure I love them together.

Crackling fire candlelight book hubby not in that order.


Another S-word

I have been feeling sorry for myself.

I realized that singularly nauseating fact when I was washing my hands in the bathroom this morning.

( I talk to God in the bathroom a lot. — I apologize for the indignity and promise to finish the conversation later—often my prayers are “help me God to get out of the bath tub this time” can anyone else relate??)

“Lets try to talk a little sense here,”  says Bree in The Horse and His Boy.

Yes, I have a debilitating disease. Yeah, its harder in the summer. No, I cant be the madwomam doer I like to be. Yes, my future looks bleak as far as the disease goes.


But can I look, as. CS Lewis advises “along the beam” rather than at it?

This is the hand I have been dealt. I am not singled out.

Life is rarely fair and trouble is more commonly than not part of our row to hoe.

The American Dream is deceptive twaddle.

It is what it is.

And that can be okay with me.

What’s wrong with that?

We soldier on.