The other s-word pt 2. For strongwilled wives only


Hard concept to talk about

because of all the TURKEYGIBLETS

that have been said/done

In the history of the world,

about men and women.

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Don’t you think?

Let’s try to talk a little sense*

  1. The Bible does talk about obeying/respecting authority a lot. So its good and right within its place.
  2. Many folks have a LOT of pain around this issue...selah……………………………………………….and me too so mindfulness is called for.
  3. Submission of wives to husbands, husbands to wives (look at the wording) kids to parents and employees to bosses isn’t a salvation issue. Its about Christian Behavior. No one is going to hell or heaven over this.
  4. Nevertheless
  5. It’s worth talking about all the same.
  6. And im focusing in on the part that applies to me. Thats my journey.
  7. Not every wife/husband team can contain a phlegmatic/ sanguine woman and a melancholy/choleric man. Its just the opposite for me. The rest of us have to figure out how this looks on us as reasoning folks.
  8. God would not tell us to do something bad or impossible or even stupid.
  9. As a strong, expressive, determined, passionate (read “directing”) woman, Ive STILL got to wrestle out how I do this. Its part of my journey with Christ


Where does that leave us, girls?

I may have an idea.

Us strong women like happy easy-going men.

Opposites attract, right?

So I


my man

the place

he should have

in my heart.

Even if he doesn’t want it at first. Or have an opinion. (We came across that road block a lot the first fifteen years or so.)

My man doesn’t like conflict. He is peaceful and easy going. All right.

So I give him preference in every way that i can. Then the few times its really important to me…its easier for him to listen.

I ask him for his opinion

Wait for it

And we do it that way

(Resisting the urge to make critical faces)

He doesn’t have a strong preference a lot of the time.

Easy going.

(That’s why I married him)


I show him deference out of reverence for Christ.

When its not a matter of obedience to God (which trumps all else) we do it my man’s way a lot, especiallythe first several months or years.

I teach our kids to respect him.

I talk to myself and others

about what a




guy he is.

I’m careful to keep on top of resentment thoughts.

I call things that aren’t as though they are.

Speak life.

I grab my strong, opinionated, articulate self by the back of the neck…

when my hubby and i don’t agree (after ive prayed)

…and do things his way.

(Even though I might want it a different way.)

That’s how I work out I Peter 3 in my life.

Notes to self

*Try only one or two a day. at first

*God helping me!

…Lets do that hon.
…whatever you think babe
…great idea!
…I wont worry about it, then
(Then I may or may not
about it)
…I think you’re great. Just right. I love our life
…no problem.

Then resist the urge to complain (except to God and\or my counselor)

especially in front of others or the kids.

With Jesus helping me

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