Intestinal fortitude. My hubby would call it pushiness.

(Point taken)

Perhaps you can relate.

Question: is one reason God makes some folks pushy/passionate because they need it to surive?

A particular family system may indeed not have been a safe place for children.

Or anyone.

Responsible person? the devil. Pretty much.

Not that the people don’t have any responsibility, but that is between them and God.

God make me remember where i come from
and respect the things that seem pushy in me and my world.

words to remember*:

“All behavior is motivated.” Byron Koehler

“Hurt people hurt people” Alger Marsh


*not the original author, but the person who taught me about it.
im pretty sure those phrases are just commonplace.
lmk if you know otherwise.

Soft and fresh

One of the things that God is doing in me through this trial is to soften my heart.

When my kids are acting up, I am softer with them. Not that they get away with more,

but my attitude is more tender and kind with them when they are naughty.

With a rude customer service rep on the phone, I am quicker to think of what their day or life has been like.

All behavior is motivated and hurt people hurt people, right?

God thank you for replacing my busy entitled irritated heart with a mindful grateful patient one.

You rock.

Vicious cycle

” I’ve discovered that I’ve lived with a

vicious cycle

in my life

of wanting to trust

and trying to force myself to trust

out of sheer willpower,

but then ultimately sliding back into the trap

of clenching my prized possession

out of fear. Ryan Stevenson from my YouBible Trusting God in the Eye of the Storm


Innocent wholesome and lovely

  • Long hard day. Clean self. Clean nightie. Clean pillow and sheets.
  • Mama cat nursing her kittens
  • Hugs
  • Hot drinks
  • Picnic dinner
  • Tent with chairs and blankets in the living room
  • A good thick book
  • A large cup of tea
  • Finally letting go of something that hurt
  • Long drives in my wheelchair
  • Fresh morning birdsong
  • Sea breeze on my face
  • Oldclothes easy chair crackling fire
  • Peach pie


You have my heart.