simply remembering

I like to make lists.

It’s one of my go-tos when I feel discouraged.

(Ahem…Like when I look at news sites.)

God I love this world and I love my life.  I chose this.

1.  Lace table cloths

2.” I’ve often thought that getting sick was Mom’s healing. ” H. Durrett

3.  Oatmeal cookies.

4.  Getting stickers at the doctor’s office with my kids when they were little.

5.  Making my own playdo. (You’ve got to try this if you ever babysit.)

6. Big Daddy Weave, Lauren Daigel, and early Beatles

7.  Clean sheets, clean nightie,  clean self: when I’m tired.

8.  Pools of golden sunshine.  With cats in them.

For these things I thank You Lord.

You make me smile.

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